The Atlanta Blue Notes

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Personnel of the Atlanta Blue Notes and other Big-Band Links

  • Distinguished former band members: Conway Stewart (trombone and trumpet)(Deceased), Paul Snavely (trombone)(Deceased), Ed "Ace" Martin (alto saxophone and clarinet)(Deceased), Charlie Devon (trombone)(Deceased), Charles Sims (trumpet) (Deceased), Jim Eller (trumpet) (Deceased), Norm Bolton (Trumpet/Piano) (Deceased) , Don Elkins (trombone) (Deceased), Rich Kale (baritone and tenor saxophone), Bennie Stephens (alto saxophone)(Deceased), Terry Foster (tenor saxophone), "BC" Bill Carty (tenor saxophone), Dick Shephard (trombone), Dave Parker (trombone), Susan Kraft (trombone), Gerald Richardson (bass trombone) (Deceased) , Gene Williford (trumpet), Arden Moser (trumpet), Ken Merritt (bass), Brian Sharples (bass), Mark Risjord (bass), Jim Buckner (guitar), Jim Mansfield (guitar), John LaMattina (Drums), Dennis Pennington (vocals)(Deceased), Kathy Vollmer (vocals), Judy O'Reilly (vocals)

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