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Sample Big-Band Musical Selections

The Atlanta Blue Notes Big Band has performed in the metro area since the fall of 1987. During that time the band has played for groups of from 30 to over 1500 people, performing at most of the major hotel ballrooms and various civic arenas, service club and country club facilities, church meeting halls and nightclubs.

For information about the band please contact:

Mr. Bob Bailey
Business Manager - The Atlanta Blue Notes Big Band
Telephone: (770) 394-6879
E-mail: booking (dot) info ( at sign ) atlantabluenotes ( dot ) com

The big-band consists of the standard dance-band organization - 5 saxophones, 4 trombones, 4 trumpets, piano, bass, drums, guitar, and 2 vocalists (male and female).

For smaller gatherings or rooms, there is a jazz combo of 6 or 7 (3 horns and rhythm section) which can provide a wide variety of musical selections in an intimate setting.

The following video files were taped for the TV-47 'Atlanta Jazz and Blues' Show on June 5, 2106. TV-47 is an internet-only television channel and the show was telecast several times in July, 2016. The video was edited into separate files by Joe Marks.

The players on this show are: Saxes - Bob Bailey, Carla Jackson, Bill Siggelkow, Charlie Harris and Charles Harris, Jr.; Trumpets - Tim Fellenz, Bob Penick, Greg McClune, Rick Woodham; Trombones - Carl Nalls, Kerry Smith, Jim Wile, Richard Schulman; Piano - Lee Rundbaken; Bass - Hoyt Jordan; Drums - Ray Trant; Guitar - Joe Marks; Vocals - Karen Panov and Charles Fellingham.

Click on the following You Tube links to watch The Atlanta Blue Notes Big Band

The band selections in the following list may be heard using a RealAudioŽ Player and were recorded during November and December, 2004, as part of our first CD entitled Big Band Bash which is available wherever we perform. The vocal selections were recorded in April, 2009.
If you have a high-speed connection, you can scroll down to the second list for the tunes in MP3 format.

You can download a free RealAudioŽ Player from RealAudioŽ. Look for the Basic Player at their website.

Click on the following selections to hear The Atlanta Blue Notes Big Band

Recording equipment and engineering was provided by Arden Moser. CD Audio tracks were processed to MP3 files by Joe Marks or Carl Nalls.

The Atlanta Blue Notes Big Band MP3 Audio files.

You can see a list of some of our other selections in a variety of styles, rhythms and tempos at our Arrangements and PlayList page.

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